Hello, I'm Verity 👋

I'm Toronto based UX Designer who works on projects across the internet. I'm concerned about every stage of the design process, from conception to testing and refinement and have previous experience in content management, marketing and web development. This background informs my design practice.

I'm currently available for work, so if you like what you see, get in touch. 📧

3 screenshots of the mobile app FretHero


Rule Breaking UI: Designing for Recall

Coming Soon

An open laptop and mobile phone display the DOMMMA homepage.

Rental Platform

Redesigning for User-Goals.

Coming Soon

The Baby Barista prototype is on the left. To the right is a mobile phone displaying the Baby Barista App homepage.

Baby Barista

Intuitive App design for Exhausted Parents.

Coming Soon

About Me

Life is about learning, re-learning, and (where necessary) un-learning, and I strive to maintain a 'beginner's mind' in my work and life by staying curious. As such, I'm drawn to intradisciplinary work and spaces where best practices and methodologies are always changing.

I have spent my working life problem-solving and leveraging digital tools to support my work and clients. Before moving into UX design, I worked as a content manager for the popular Canadian arts promotion website akimbo, did social media marketing and built websites for the arts and tourism industries.

Outside of work, I have an art practice. I am an artist by training, and I've participated in many exhibitions and festivals, including Maker Festival and The Toronto Outdoor Art Show. I'm also an avid reader, mediocre guitarist, and I enjoy exploring Toronto's extensive park and ravine system.