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Headshot of a UX designer looking relieved and happy after recieving Head shot of a UX Designer looking confident and happy after getting her first haircut in 18 months (#pandemiclife)

Life is about learning, re-learning, and (where necessary) un-learning. I strive to maintain a 'beginner's mind' in all area's of my life by staying curious. As such, I'm drawn to intradisciplinary work and spaces where best practices and methodologies are always subject to change.

I have spent my professional career problem-solving and leveraging digital tools to support my portfolio and clients. Before moving into UX design, I worked as a content manager for the popular Canadian arts promotion website akimbo. I also created, maintained and monitored websites and social media channels for clients in the arts and tourism industries.

Outside of work, I have an art practice. I have participated in many exhibitions and festivals, including Maker Festival and The Toronto Outdoor Art Show . I'm also an avid reader, mediocre guitarist, and I enjoy exploring Toronto's extensive park and ravine system.

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